What is Neptune/Sixth?

Neptune/Sixth is an exciting new destination comprising a dynamic mix of retail, commercial and public spaces, along with parking, that will serve as a hub of transportation, shopping, dining and restaurants for the Coney Island community.

Who comprises the development team for Neptune/Sixth?

Neptune/Sixth is being developed by Cammeby’s International. For more than a decade, Cammeby’s has been part of the fabric of the Coney Island community as both an owner and manager of more than 2,000 rentals apartments in the neighborhood and surrounding area. New York-based S9 Architecture designed Neptune/Sixth in collaboration with Cammeby’s.

What retailers and businesses will occupy Neptune/Sixth?

As a community-oriented destination, Neptune/Sixth will house a variety of services and retail options; including a pharmacy, restaurants, a bank and post office; while adding new amenities that the community can use and share, such as a parking garage. Neptune/Sixth will also feature brand new office space for a variety of businesses.

During construction of Neptune/Sixth, what will happen to the businesses and retailers that occupied the site’s former shopping center?

The current businesses located at 532 Neptune Avenue are an important part of Cammeby’s plans. During development of Neptune/Sixth, many of these businesses and services are being relocated throughout the development site so that they may continue to service the Coney Island community.

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